6H6 METAL Make RCA New In Original Box
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6H6 METAL Make RCA New In Original Box

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  • Make RCA
  • Type: 6H6 METAL 
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The RCA 6H6 vintage tube and tube socket set can be ideal for anyone interested in restoring vintage televisions, radios, or other electronic devices. The RCA 6H6 tube and tube socket set is tested to ensure that it’s working and without defects, which can allow you to confidently embark on your repair projects. Many of these units are no longer being manufactured, but working, high quality, vintage replacements do exist. Brands such as RCA 6H6 tubes and tube sockets can be an essential component of older model radios, ham radios, and televisions, and anyone working on repairing or restoring their older models can go ahead with the knowledge that they are buying a quality product. The RCA 6H6 tube and tube socket set comprises one of the most commonly used vacuum tubes essential for restoration as well as being straightforward to install. Tube sockets are electrical sockets into which valves, also known as vacuum tubes, can be plugged. The tube sockets hold them in place and provide terminals that can be soldered into the circuit’s individual pins. Sockets like the type in the RCA 6H6 tube and tube socket set were used in all tube electronic equipment to quickly test tubes and replace failing units. It used to be common for local drug stores in the United States to have valve testers and sell RCA 6H6 tube replacements. As technology developed there were many different types of tube bases and sockets in use around the world, such as the RCA 6H6. Sockets are not universal, and while different tube types may fit into a socket, they may not work properly in that particular unit. Tube sockets were usually mounted in holes on a sheet metal chassis, and components such as wires were hand soldered under each socket. In the 1930s, tubes commonly had a connection to the control grid through the top of the tube, which was connected by using a clip that had an attached wire lead. Later, some tubes, especially those used as radio frequency powered amps, had the plate lead protrude through the envelope. Tubes with the plate brought through the cap were able to run at higher voltages. Tubes like the RCA 6H6 tube and tube socket set typically had a circular array of four to seven pins, with adjacent pairs of larger pins for heater/filament connections. The RCA 6H6 tube and tube socket set is one of the most commonly used tube sockets in the North American market, and with its high quality components and durability, it can make a great choice for anyone working with vintage electronic equipment.


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